What Is The Maximum Length Of RV Allowed In National Park

The National Park Service (NPS) has a policy that allows RVs up to 20 – 50 feet in length and/or height in National Park. The maximum number of people permitted to occupy RVs in the parks is eight, including the driver. However; for state parks, the maximum lengths are different. Also, the parks do not have a maximum length limit for non-RV motorhomes, travel trailers, or fifth-wheel trailers.


What Is The Maximum Length Of RV Allowed In State Parks

State Park regulations vary by state and park. In general, RV’s are allowed to stay at one park for no more than 14 days. In most parks, there is no specific rule that excludes RV’s from staying longer, but it is recommended that you contact the park to verify the maximum stay.

However; for parks list the Zion National Park, Big Bend National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Death Valley National Park, and the Jasper National Park allows 19 to 28 feet, while the Acadia National Park, Arches National Park, and the Badlands National Park can take up to 30 to 40 feet, also for the Banff National Park and Grand Canyon National Park can take up to 50 feet, and lastly for the Shenandoah National Park, and Theodore Roosevelt National Park has No limit. (Source)|(001)|(002)

How To Get The Length Of Your RV?

The length of your RV will play a big role in what type of RV you can afford and what kind of travel experience you want. But how do you measure the length of an RV? Well, if you have a standard length RV or a coach, you have your answer (usually 76-78 inches). But what if you want to measure the length of a motorhome or travel trailer?

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If your RV is on the shorter side, you may want to add a few feet to the manufacturer’s length measurement. You should also phone the park you’re going to confirm the lengths, widths, and other details of the sites firsthand from someone who is up to date on the park’s situation. Many parks have a limited number of ‘pull through’ sites, so if you’re a first-time RVer who prefers pull-through parking, contact ahead.

What Is The Maximum Trailer Length Allowed In National Park

Most trailer-sized RVs (or motor homes as we prefer to call them) are about 53 feet long, and that’s the maximum length allowed in national parks. In general, that’s about room enough for a couple of two-person tents and a queen-sized bed. This means that it’s not feasible to tow a trailer into popular camping areas and need to camp in the back of your RV. If you need to camp in the back of your RV, you can usually get by with a trailer with a length of about 43 feet.

Does Max RV Length Include Tow Vehicle?

Many have been asking if the towing vehicle is also included in the maximum length allowed in the park, the short answer is No! However, the vehicle length listed is only applied to the length of your actual RV, and it does not include the tow vehicle.

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