Coleman Cabin Tent Vs Sundome

If you’re like me, then you hate to study for tests, if you’re like my friend, then you also hate to sit in the library all day. So, what else do you do to pass your time? You could find a few of your friends and go camping.

How much fun is that? Now, if you’ve ever had to camp, you know that it’s not the most comfortable of places. You don’t want to sleep on the cold, hard ground.

You don’t want to be exposed to the open air. But, if you’re like me, then you don’t want to spend much money on camping gear. You want something that’s more comfortable, and cheap.

Coleman has been making great outdoor gear for decades. When preparing for a camping trip or an outdoor adventure, you want to get the best gear possible.

The Coleman Sundome and the Coleman Sundome 2-Person Tent both get great reviews and are great tents for many people. Each tent is made with the same materials and has the same feature, but how and why do they differ?

Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome
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Coleman Sundome is the best-selling outdoor tent in the world. That’s because they combine warmth, durability, ease of set-up, excellent ventilation, and the ability to carry the tent when it needs to be moved.

The Sundome is compact, lightweight, easy to set up, and affordable. The Sundome has two windows and one door. The windows provide unrestricted views of the countryside, while the doors provide excellent ventilation.

The most attractive feature of the Sundome tent is the ability to stand up from the tent. The tent offers a higher ceiling, allowing for a wider beam of light, which makes the tent an excellent choice for camping during the day.

This tent is a great value for the price and is a tent that people who are looking for something with enough space to sleep 2-3 people should consider.

Customer Reviews By Feature

Easy to assemble 100%
Light weight 100%
Water resistance 96%
Weatherproof 96%
Sturdiness 94%
Value for money 90%
Durability 90%
Moon/Sun lence 89%
Comfort 87%

Global ratings 4.7 out of 5.0 stars

Is The Coleman Sundome Tent Waterproof?

In the past, my Coleman Sundome was a trusty companion in the backcountry. It’s a spacious, lightweight tent with a fly that’s easy to pitch and a rainfly that can be zipped up and tucked away, keeping the tent dry and bug-free.

But with this year’s redesign, Coleman has added a couple of extra features to the Sundome. The new design, which has a redesigned outer fabric, is lighter and more tear-resistant.

However; is the Coleman Sundome Tent waterproof? YES! The fabric is water-resistant, and the inverted seams keep water away from the tent’s interior.

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How Big Is A Coleman Sundome Tent?

The Coleman Sundome tent is a little-known, but very popular, choice of shelter used by outdoor enthusiasts, families of all sizes, and large groups of teenagers for camping trips of all sizes.

The Sundome is a large camping dome that provides a small, yet comfortable, space for sleeping. The Coleman Sundome is one of our favorite tents.

It’s reasonably priced, easy to set up, and roomy enough for up to four people. But; how big is it? Most people think of the Sundome as a 2-person tent, so they’re surprised to learn that it can actually accommodate three or even four people. Here’s how to find out; it has 9 x 7 ft in dimensions and for the center; the height is about 4 ft. 11 in, which is big enough to hold up to 4 people.

How Much Does A Coleman Sundome Tent Weight?

I purchased a Coleman Sundome tent, and it has been a really great tent so far. It’s not the lightest one on the market, but its weight and footprint are about average, and it’s a great value for the price.

I’ve been using it for about a month now, and I’m already getting used to the weight, and it’s easy to move around. It’s just a regular tent, so you don’t need any special skills to set it up and take it down, and it’s nice and roomy inside. However; the assembled weight is about 3.5kg.

Coleman Cabin Tent

Cabin Tents
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For those who don’t know, Coleman makes some of the cheapest and most popular camping tents on the market. They’re great for car camping and can be purchased for relatively little money.

Coleman tents are also some of the more robust options on the market, and more than a few people swear by them. They uniquely created cabin Tents that can be used in different environments.

They are versatile enough to be taken on the go. Coleman cabin tents are perfect for camping, picnicking, hunting, fishing, hiking, working in the yard, or just lounging around the home.

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Coleman tent lately—because it’s the tent of the moment. In fact, as of this writing, it’s the number one best-selling tent on Amazon’s camping product list.

What’s going on? Well, it’s just a tent, but Coleman has been putting a lot of effort into the design and functionality of the product to ensure that it lives up to its lofty sales rank.

Customer Reviews By Feature

Easy to assemble 99%
Light weight 98%
Water resistance 95%
Value for money 94%
Weatherproof 94%
Sturdiness 84%
Durability 80%
Moon/Sun lence 80%
Comfort 79%

Global ratings 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

How Big Is It When Packed Up In The Bag?

The Coleman cabin tent has been a staple in the outdoorsy campers’ backpack for decades. It’s a hardy, all-purpose tent that’s available in a number of sizes and features, depending on your needs.

It folds up to about 4 feet by 1.5 feet and fits back into its bag. I didn’t get a chance to measure it, but I loaded it into my truck with a bunch of other necessities. Other reviews cover a variety of vehicles. It’s large, but it’s well worth it.

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Is There Really Space For Two Queen Mattresses

I’ve been camping in this tent for a while. How could one ever imagine using two fully inflated queen-size mattresses? It won’t be able to accommodate it. However; you don’t want the mattress to touch the tent’s side.

However; it is advisable you keep at least 4, 5 inches of space around the mattress, so as to keep other gears. I typically use one queen mattress, one cot, or one person in a sleeping bag on the floor. That’s if I’m camping alone.

Nevertheless; They comfortably made the tent to accommodate three adults and their gear. If you add any more, you’ll be on top of each other.

However; when writing this post, asking locals about using two queen mattresses in the Coleman Cabin Tent and they said Yes, adding that; there is another queen mattress on the market.

It’s the Coop-Tek Queen Mattress. We’ve been traveling with it for four months now, and we love it. It’s only 1 inch thick, but that’s good. It sleeps through the night, even when we’re camping. And it packs up into a small case that fits in the storage area of our Coleman Cabin Tent.

Do I Need A Rainfly For This Tent?

It’s a good idea to have a rainfly in a tent. However, a rainfly can always be removed. I’d rather sleep in a tent without a rainfly than have a rainfly that gets in the way of the tent’s functionality.

If you get a tent with a built-in rainfly, and try to get a tent without a rainfly, you will understand better what I mean. When it comes to tents, I value functionality over rainfly coverage.

However; as for the cabin tent, this is an extremely nice tent. Lightweight and has a solid build. It does not, however, include a rainfly. The tent is waterproof without it, but in bad weather, a rainfly will come in handy. I would buy a rainfly for the small amount of money it costs.

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Coleman Cabin Tent Vs Sundome, Which Is The Best For Money?

Either Coleman’s Sundome Tent or Coleman’s Coleman Cabin Tent is a great choice for camping, RVing, tailgating, or other outdoor adventures. So which one should you buy?

In this comparison, we will look at the differences between the Coleman Sundome and the Coleman Coleman Cabin Tent, and what to consider when buying one of these tents (001).    

Coleman is a brand of durable, multi-purpose tents that meet all the needs of backpacking, camping, and hiking. Unlike most tents, Coleman tents are made to be both warm and waterproof.

Coleman tents are built with high-quality fabrics and zippers and designed to withstand the most rugged of weather. The company has evolved its tent lineup to include more specific models, tailored to the needs of each type of adventure.

However; considering everything, our best pick and based on the votes by the locals, “Coleman’s Sundome Tent“. We have checked and placed these two tents on different tests and the Sundome has been an amazing tent for the best 3 people camping tents.

Coleman Sundome Tent 91%
Coleman Cabin Tent 77%

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