Can I Use Denatured Alcohol in My Coleman Lantern?

So, you’ve picked up a Coleman lantern to use on your outdoor adventures. You know how to make a fire, but are unsure if the lantern will work using denatured alcohol. After all, you don’t want to spend much on branded products to light the lantern, do you? However, denatured alcohol is a clear liquid that is used to fuel. I’ve used denatured alcohol in the past and works great, but since lanterns can burn denatured alcohol, can you use denatured alcohol in a Coleman lantern? Yes! You can use denatured alcohol in a Coleman lantern, but the results are not the same. Denatured alcohol is the pure form of alcohol, where the alcohol has been purified through a process to remove impurities. This type of alcohol is usually much cheaper than ordinary alcohol, but it’s not the same. [01]

General Safety Precautions

Coleman lanterns are used for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Coleman lanterns are designed for rough use and are very durable. If you are going to use your Coleman lantern for camping, the first thing you should know is that it is very important to follow the safety precautions with your Coleman lantern, and below are some tips to follow:

  • Keep the lantern away from flammable liquids or materials
  • Use in well-ventilated areas to prevent asphyxiation
  • Do not add fuel when the lantern is lit
  • Do not add fuel when the lantern is hot
  • Make sure the lantern is off before adding fuel
  • Don’t overfill the fuel tank
  • Avoid heating the lantern after refueling [02]

What is Denatured Alcohol

Denatured alcohol, also known as ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and grain alcohol or denatured alcohol (brandy, vodka, and other distilled alcoholic beverages), is a type of alcohol used mostly in industry and medicine. It is also called denatured alcohol due to the process used to make it. It is primarily used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, where it is used as a solvent, but it is also commonly used in the production of various other products.

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What Other Alternatives Are There for Fuel?

There are many other alternatives for denatured alcohol fuel besides the traditional one. This includes using native grasses, native fuel, or other alternative fuels that are not denatured alcohol fuel, or using the traditional one with the addition of other alternatives, such as biodiesel, bioethanol (methanol, ethanol, butane), refuse-derived fuel, chemically stored electricity (batteries and fuel cells), hydrogen, non-fossil methane, non-fossil natural gas, vegetable oil, propane, and other biomass sources are all viable options.

Best Way to Fuel Coleman Lantern

The Coleman lantern is one of the most popular camp lanterns in the U.S. It’s easy to see why. The lantern has a simple design that requires little in the way of maintenance, yet it gives off a bright light that can be seen for miles. There are numerous ways to fuel it, though. The Coleman lantern is traditionally fueled with kerosene, but it can also be used with denatured alcohol, propane, white gas, or even liquid petroleum gas. A funnel with a filter will ensure that the fuel is clean. It is possible to use the lantern if it is capable of using unleaded gasoline. This is the only type of lantern that should be used if the lantern is to be used with Coleman liquid fuel. Coleman fuel is preferred over unleaded gasoline because it burns cleaner.

Common Mistakes When Using Coleman Lantern

Coleman lanterns are the best way to provide light for any outdoor adventure. They are easy to use, can be recharged, and are lightweight. Coleman lanterns are a great way to light campfires and lights, but they’re also the kind of product that gets better every year. Their designs keep getting better, and their materials keep getting better, like their flame-resistant triple-tape design. However, lanterns still fail to maintain the same quality over time, which is why they’re often recommended to be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Below are the 12 Most Common Mistakes When Using Coleman Lantern Fuel

  1. Not using enough fuel
  2. Using fuel improperly
  3. The wick is not trimmed correctly
  4. The Fuel cap is the wrong one
  5. Using a lantern for a long time
  6. Avoiding improperly filling your lantern
  7. Not cleaning it regularly
  8. Using without safety caps
  9. Don’t set it on something flammable
  10. Don’t touch the fuel tank when it’s hot
  11. Don’t let it tip over
  12. Overfilling fuel tank

Final Thought

In summary, Coleman has made a product that can be used to power a lantern for several hours. However, Coleman fuel is a high-quality, widely available fuel that works well in lanterns. It is made in the USA, and it is recognized throughout the world. Most importantly, Coleman fuel burns clean, so you can breathe easy when you are lighting up your campsite.

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